S.A.M. Hall of Fame and Magic Museum Reopens


Sunday, September 17, 2012, was an exciting and much anticipated day, especially for the Los Angeles area volunteers and staff of the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame & Magic Museum. The Whittier Museum, operated by the Whittier Historical Society, has provided an entire second floor in their historic downtown building for the Hall of Fame & Magic Museum.

 The exhibits of the Society’s museum were back on display after being unavailable for public view for a number of years.  Although the Hall and Museum is still looking for a permanent  home in the greater Los Angeles area, the exhibits will be on display at the Whittier Museum in downtown Whittier, California for the next year.

For more information, please visit the museum website: http://www.whittiermuseum.org



A display case full of magic memories.








Thurston’s Sawing in Half








The Great Hermann’s Cups and Balls

Houdini artifacts









A display of magic show costumes









  1. Joe Lifemember, September 30, 2012:

    Where are the theater chairs that we paid for???

  2. Larry Becker, October 9, 2012:

    Congratulations. As a Lifemember I’m delighted that you heve finally been able to reopen the museum after all these years.
    Hopefully the three revolvers and revolving stand from my Russian Roulette illusion which I contributed have also survived. If not, at
    least I’m still here. :-) Regards to all, Larry Becker

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